Welcome to the Victorian Goalball Website

10487401_311718938987510_2701951234850275470_nGoalball is a sport designed for and played by blind and vision impaired people. It is a fast-pace sport that relies on hearing.

Goalball is a Paralympic sport. It was the first and is still one of a very few blind team sports played at the Paralympics. The court has the same dimensions as a volleyball court, along with being divided into two separate thirds, one for each team and a neutral third. Combined with this, goalball uses goals similar to those used for soccer, which span the entire width of the court. The official goal dimensions are 1.3 metres high and 9 metres wide.

The object of the game is to make the ball enter the opposing goal. Often players will curve, bounce or spin the ball in such a way as to make the bells less audible, and therefore making it more difficult for the opposition to hear where the ball is. Many players throw the ball similar to a discus throw action, or a ten pin bowling ball style, and the majority of the throws are hard and fast.

If you would like to get involved in Goalball we would be happy for you to come and check it out. Our local competition is held at the Scotch College Junior School hall, Kooyong at 10:00am from April until September.